Castle Westhove is located in the province Zeeland, this is the South-Western part of The Netherlands.

Duinvlietweg 8, 4356 ND Oostkapelle

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The oldest document that mentions this castle is a charter from 1277 by Count Floris V as being the property of the abbey in Middelburg, but it is not clear how old the castle already was then. More about this castle on WikiPedia.

The castle has been largely freely accessible as from 2017 (except for the attic of the castle). A StayOkay hostel is located in the castle and the associated coach houses. The former orangery houses the Terra Maris museum and a replica of a medieval motte-and-bailey castle can be found in the garden of the castle.

It is ideal for hashing, far from any civilians, near the coast. Very flat and more interesting, below sea-level and next to a nature reserve.