Dutch Nash Hash 2022 by The Hague Hash House Harriers

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Just in case you missed the e-mail from June 16

Subject: DNH: all you need to know
From: Sanne XL <
Date: 16-06-2022 20:43

HHHi all,

With only a few weeks to go until the Hague H3 40 year/DNH 2022 we would like to inform you about our program and all the other stuff you might need to know. We suggest to read it fully but we understand you like surprises too. It’s up to you! In case you don’t like surprises that much, look for the parking and towels section to avoid spending a lot of money!!

First some necessary information:

Weekend of 8-10 July

Address Stay Okay The Hague

Scheepmakersstraat 27

2515 VA Den Haag.

Further info: https://www.stayokay.com/en/hostel/den-haag


The best is if you come by public transport; station Hollands Spoor or Central Station is nearby. If you want to come by car there are not that much or cheap parking possibilities in The Hague, but a couple of spots we have found for you. Free from Friday 14.00 till Monday morning (it they don't change it in the meantime):

· Bezuidenhoutseweg

· Juliana van Stolberglaan

· Schenkkade

If you still have questions please contact us on: hash40years@outlook.com.

!!Notice that the program ends on Sunday around 15.30/15.45!!



From 16.00 the registration desk will be open.

After we have had dinner at the hostel and everyone has found a place to sleep we will be doing a preliminary pub crawl to get used slowly to the atmosphere of The Hague. We will be seeing some historical stuff and other things hashers do not care much about. But every road in The Hague will lead to bars and pubs which is a very comforting thought. Only thing required is to be ready at 20.00 downstairs in the lobby to join us.


There will be a walkers trail, a runners trail and a ball breaker on Saturday. It will have a nice variety between the city and nature with plenty of possibilities to get hydrated with preservatives or just the main ingredient for alcohol. Good to know: we take care of lunch.


As the Hague Hash is 40 years it would seem only logical to do a 80ies party. Around 20.30 we move to our venue for a lot of partying and dancing. It only takes a short walk of 10 minutes unless you are already drunk, then it will take you at least 20!


We need to get out of the hostel at 10.30; after breakfast we will pack our stuff and drop our luggage in the baggage room.

After we dropped our stuff, we are ready for the hangover run. There will be lunch also after the run.

Jenever tasting

The last part of this great weekend will end on Sunday at Van Kleef, distillery and museum in the center of The Hague where we have a nice jenever tasting. So take care you don’t miss this. This program starts after lunch at 14.00 and ends somewhere around15.30. It will take some time if you need to drive but it will also be a fun experience!!

Take a look on their website if you can’t wait: Home | Van Kleef Museum | Den Haag (museumvankleef.nl)

If you are really, really, really not be able to join the jenever tasting, please let us know asap because of the reservation we made.

After this you are free to go or stay an extra night at the hostel because of all that jenever you had. This is something you have to take care of yourself.

Good to know

Bring Towels

Towels can be rented for 2.50. We suggest either bring your own. Dry yourself off with toilet paper or actually pay an insane amount for towels. We Dutchies could not handle it but you might.

Drinking vessel

You need to bring a vessel and/or a shot glass. In all other cases some sort of drinking capability will be provided to you. Water bottles/some softies will also be provided by us.


We do have some neighbors we need to be somewhat considerate of, so directly inside and outside the premises of the venue it's important not to make noise past 11pm.


If there are any hashers you know who are not yet registered and are jealous of you please feel free to contact us so we can see what we can do for them.


DNH 2022 / The Hague 40 years


The Hague Hash House Harriers turns 40 years! To celebrate this midlife crisis, we would love to party with you at StayOkay in the center of The Hague and runs deep into the wilderness. We would like to invite you all to celebrate with us, on your own pocket of course. This is an all-in experience. Great as this might be you still need to bring your own towels. If you don't want to, you can rent one at the reception.

On On

H4 Mismanagement info Hash40years@outlook.com

If Corona prohibits this weekend to take place, the event will be postponed, not cancelled. You do not get a refund. You will be notified about the new date via mail, facebook and this website.

Of course we hope this won't be necessary and that our great weekend of running and fun can take place at the scheduled dates. We do ask you to stay home if you have corona. We appreciate it if you test yourself before arrival.

Dutch Kennels

1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month

2nd Sunday of the Month

4th Sunday of the Month

Every 29.4 days at a Full Moon

Wednesday evenings in Summertime and Sundays during Wintertime


Manneke Pis
Brussels is not far away


Aachen, just across the border

Dutch Specials

In more or less chronological order and all depending on corona and other mishaps of course

In more or less chronological order and all depending on corona and other mishaps of course

Amsterdam - Lights + Erwtensoep
The Hague - Robby Burns
Wageningen - Ten Hour Madness
Brabant - Tilburg Carnaval
FILTH - KoningsNach
The Hague - KingsDay
Brabant - Kermis-Hash-Sunday
Amsterdam - Gay for a Day
FILTH - Boaty McBoat
Wageningen - Threesome Hash
Amsterdam - Spooky Halloween